New 'Downtown' Takes Shape in San Marcos
It Aims for Mixed Use Community Hub

Pieces are gradually falling into place for a mixed-use, 200-acre “University District” long envisioned by the city of San Marcos, which in coming years could also become what developers have billed as “North County’s Downtown.” After its earlier completion of The Quad, with units containing nearly 900 beds of
student housing and adjacent retail near California State University, San Marcos...(read more)

Lou Hirsh
San Diego Business Journal

New Projects Spark Start of North County 'Gaslamp'
Developers Envision Urban Work-Play Neighborhood Near Cal State San Marcos

An ambitious plan to turn the area around Cal State San Marcos into an urban village that would echo downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp neighborhood is beginning to take shape, with one project complete and several more in the works.

The $1 billion live-work district would encompass roughly 204 acres along the South Twin Oaks Valley Road corridor, an area the city has designated as the University District. Developers have branded their vision North City.
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Teri Figueroa
San Diego Union Tribune

San Diego's Next Hot Neighborhoods
Where Everyone Will be Living in 2016


The planned “downtown,” likened to a college town, south of Highway 78 and north of Cal State San Marcos, will be composed of 204 acres of mixed-use development along the Sprinter line. Developers plan for a mix of students, as well as adults not affiliated with the university. (read more)

Teri Figueroa
San Diego Union Tribune